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Module 01 - Principles for Slum Upgrading (PSUP01)

Duration:1 to 2 hours

This module is the first (1) out of 12 modules describing the methodology for slum upgrading developed through the PSUP. The module presents the international frameworks such as the SDGs and the NUA guiding slum upgrading and introduces the topic of slum upgrading linked to urban development challenges. Furthermore, the module provides information on the approach to slum upgrading integrating UN-Habitat's guiding principles for slum upgrading, the crosscutting issues (Gender, Human Rights and Climate Change) and the importance of a participatory approach for successful and sustainable slum upgrading.


Principles for participatory slum upgrading are overarching and relevant to all stakeholders at all levels: global, national, city and community level, to ensure effective participation and impactful and sustainable interventions.
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