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Module 06 - City-Wide Slum Upgrading Strategies (PSUP06)

Duration:1 to 2 hours

This module is the sixth (6) out of 12 modules describing the methodology for slum upgrading developed through the PSUP. The City-Wide Slum Upgrading Strategy (CWSUS) is central to the approach as it enables to define a vision for slum upgrading at city level, promoting the coordination of actions at city level, the participation and engagement of stakeholder and interventions which are incremental, targeted, city wide and concrete and implementable. The City-Wide Slum Upgrading Strategy methodology, which incorporates several of the topics introduced in the previous modules such as the stakeholder analysis, the data collection through the slum situation analysis and the review of the legal and regulatory frameworks aims at identifying priority areas of intervention and at designing area-based priority actions in the short, medium and long term.

Module 06 - City-Wide Slum Upgrading Strategies

City-Wide Slum Upgrading strategies (CWSUS) are relevant at city level as they provide a programmatic way of addressing the challenges of informal settlements focusing on the city scale. Furthermore, CWSUS inform strategies at national level and the interventions at neighbourhood level.
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